Monday, January 2, 2012

And then the cops showed up . . .

I had expected to spend my New Year's Eve enjoying the company of friends and family safely in my home.  I love hosting parties and cooking for my loved ones.  So as I typically do, I put together a beautiful and extravagant spread of food and drink to share.  But when I invite people into my home, I expect them to treat it and me with respect.  Especially, when they are supposed to be family.  But I was not going to allow anyone to destroy my home or threaten my family.  I was not going to allow even someone I am supposed to call family to disrespect me.

I am sure it would have been comical to see me in a man's face twenty years older than I, on my tip toes, chest puffed out and finger pointing but I had complete control of my actions and emotions despite my state of inebriation until the moment he busted a bottle of lime green skittles vodka all over me, all over him and all over my dinning room floor.  I lost it.  In that moment, it was like a switch flipped and I went from trying to reason with him to screaming for him to get the fuck out of my house. 

Yes, I called the police on my own party.  I called the police not because I feared for my safety but because I was about to loose control and feared for his. 

Lucky for him I did not miss the ball drop.  He did however, scare several of my friends which I am not okay with. 

Great start to a new year huh?  The weekend's events further confirm my desire to move home . . . more and more I miss my family back in Canton every day. 

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  1. please please come home! we miss you and you know shit like this would never be tolerated!