Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Face shredding does not sound pleasant!

So because I love my brother dearly, I bought three tickets to Children of Bodom at Peabody's in Cleveland this weekend for his birthday.  I am taking Shane and his girlfriend Sarah to Melt for dinner and then to the concert.  It will be the longest they have left Griff with grandpa since he was born so Sarah is a little hesitant as all new mothers are.  But they have agreed to have a little fun sans the little one. 

When I told Shane I had bought the tickets, his reply was, "Be prepared to have your face shredded off!"  That doesn't sound like a very pleasant experience to me though.  I am not exactly sure what face shredding involves but it can't be good.  Shane suggested I listen to some of their music before the show to prepare myself.  So this morning, I plugged Children of Bodom into Pandora and was jamming out to some death metal when Andy came downstairs.  His immediate response included something along the lines of "What the hell are you listening to!"  Not my usual Celtic rock or top 40 hits there.

Speaking of Celtic rock, last weekend my aunt and cousins drove the three and a half hours up to Michigan to see Flogging Molly and it was amazing!  They are my all time favorite band!  We rocked out and Maddie and I even braved the mosh pit!!!!  The Catholic, Irish boys were even polite enough to pick us up off the ground when we were slammed to the floor and made sure we are alright before continuing their smash fest.  Sarah commented that she would be avoiding the mosh pit this weekend though at the Children of Bodom concert.  I told her I would be joining her in that abstinence because frankly I don't think those boys will be as polite.  Though I should not judge, who knows how they will behave.  The whole concert kinda scares me though.  I have never experienced death metal live so this will be interesting.  But I need to keep an open mind and experience the music. 

I am super excited to be starting my vacation in 3 days though.  I am venturing home to visit my adorable nephew Griff and the rest of the family too!  And will be staying for 9 whole days!!  This will be my longest trip home in several years and I have lots of plans to hang with family and friends including a birthday celebration. 

Happy Birthday Bro!