Thursday, December 29, 2011

And it begins . . .

Welcome Friends!

After several weeks of contimplation, I have decided to start a blog again.  While in college, I blogged quite a bit but it contained mostly that weeks boy drama and impending doom, I mean, exams.  Not that this one will be superior by any means, but hopefully it will give me a more creative outlet for my frustrations and excitements.  I used to write all the time . . . especially during dreaded adolescence and it was mostly poetry but also some prose and I really do believe it was therapeutic.  I am not sure why I ever stopped.  But alas, it has been years since I wrote a poem and many times I have thought about starting that book I always wanted to write but never could find the time. 

So at this point, you may be asking yourself what you might expect to find me ranting about on this page.  As my blog title might suggest, my posts are sure to be random yet thoughtful glimpses into the whirlwind mess of a mind I posses.  You might also be asking yourself how in the world is Laura going to find the time to blog.  While I know that it won't be easy, juggling work, school, the ever illusive gym, lab reports, this weeks must have read, my current craft project and a blog, I am sure I will manage.  I always do. 

With that I will leave you all (because I have so many followers) and begin plotting my first real blog post. Any suggestions on topics will be greatly appreciated and heavily considered. Well, depending on the suggestion that is.

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